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evilmarcie's Journal

Evil Marcie
27 October 1986
Born and raised in Trier, Germany and currently living it up at Indiana University.

50% German + 50% American = 100% Amazing.
1986, 80's, 80's rock, adult swim, aeon flux, aim, apple, art, band, band ohne name, beck, being hip, ben stiller, bloomington, bob dylan, books, boots, bottlerocket, cake, california dreaming, candy, cappuccino, care bears, cartoon sushi, chatting, chocolate, christopher walken, chuck taylors, cinematography, clarinet, classical, cleverness, coffee, cookies, cowboy bebop, danny elfman, deutsch, deutschland, die toten hosen, dreams, electric light orchestra, elliot smith, emerson quartet, everclear, falco, fettes brot, fight club, film, food, gentoo, german, germany, giorgio vanni, ham radio, high fidelity, hip, holiday tic tacs, human league, ifc, indie films, irony, italy, jack black, jahnizzy, james bond, jazz, jazz music, joe near, john lennon, joseph near, kevin smith, kurt vonnegut, linux, london symphony orchestra, luke wilson, macintosh, macs, marcie, men, miphix, monkeys, movies, music, my brother and me, nico, nirvana, no doubt, otis redding, our lady peace, owen wilson, paul mccartney, paul simon, philosophy, photography, physics, pornography, queen, radiohead, ramones, reading, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, rosenstolz, rushmore, russia, salinger, saved by the bell, scatman john, school, shingo mama, shopping, sleeping, stephen spielberg, straight, strong bad, styx, sweaters, tatort, tenacious d, the 80's, the angry beavers, the beatles, the clash, the impossibles, the nightmare before christmas, the royal tenenbaums, the scorpions, the seekers, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the who, they might be giants, three's company, tic tacs, trier, video games, violence, vladimir horowitz, weezer, wes anderson, wittiness, witty people, zoolander